We frequently get asked about whether we generate free barcodes and whether we are an Indian barcode generator.

We source and sell legitimate and unique barcode numbers that are valid to use in retail stores in India and globally. These barcodes have originated from the same original system as GS1 numbers. We are not a free, online or Indian barcode generator.

If you require a barcode purely for ‘internal’ use – i.e. only for use within your own store, or for use in inventory or asset tracking, then you can make up your own numbers or use any of the free barcode generators online to get barcode numbers – you won’t need to purchase the barcode numbers. You can label all of the products you stock with non-retail barcode numbers which may be cheaper or even free. This is because if the products are only for your own internal use, they don’t need to be part of the ‘Barcoding System’.

However, if you require a barcode for use on a retail product being sold in other stores, or on Amazon or elsewhere on the internet, then you will need a legal and legitimate barcode number, which you can buy from us for a one-off cost.


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