About India Barcodes™️

India Barcodes™️ was established in 2017 to provide barcode information and barcodes to customers in India. We are an authorised member of the International Barcodes Network, which has a head office in New Zealand, works directly in 60 countries (including India) and supplies reasonably priced barcodes to customers and businesses worldwide.

We aim to:

  • Supply reasonably priced retail and other barcodes.
  • Provide genuine and authentic information to customers about barcodes.
  • Help customers understand what type of barcodes they need.

Registered Office:
22 Salavayalar Colony, Anna Nagar
Saidapet, Chennai
Tamil Nadu 600015
Registered Email: [email protected]
Registered Phone: +91 7358611803

Answers to common questions are listed here, but contact us if you need any advice.

Best wishes
The India Barcodes Team

Pudens    Akbar Basha