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Unlike our retail barcodes, static and dynamic QR codes are based on the information you supply, and their size varies on the amount of information required. Each QR code is unique. Our system automatically sizes the QR code so it scans well based on the amount of encoded data. Most people want to show their product information to their consumers when they scan the barcodes on their product. It is now possible with a QR code. You can direct a consumer to a specific webpage with your product or company information or even with a promotional offer when they scan the QR code using their phone.

We offer two types of QR codes: Static and Dynamic


  • Encodes the URL (that you provide) directly into the QR code.
  • These are static and permanent and will work as long as the URL that you provide works.
  • The provided URL cannot be changed.
  • Unlimited scans.
    (these can also be used for things other than URLs eg encoding text, v business cards, sending an email or SMS message)


  • Uses our Dynamic QR Code service, which enables the target URL to be changed repeatedly in the future when required.
  • Lifetime redirection. Free for the first 2 years.
  • Unlimited Scans: Scans of the Dynamic QR Code are UNLIMITED so long as you don’t abuse the QR code with millions of scans that cause technical problems such as crashed servers.
  • Unlimited Changes: The destination link (URL) can be changed any number of time for a minimal fee.
  • Tracking reports for all your dynamic QR codes purchased from us for a single fee.

Please Note: Since dynamic QR codes use a redirection service to reach your final URL, your users will only be able to see an intermediary URL when they scan the QR image. When they click on the link, it will take them to the final URL.

Fees & Charges for Dynamic QR codes:

 Bi-annual Fee (from the 3rd year)  ₹ 700
 Change Request  ₹ 350
 Tracking Reports (2 year access)  ₹ 2500

18% GST applicable.

How to buy?

Decide how many QR codes you need, add that quantity to cart. Then at the checkout page enter the data or URL you want to be encoded into the “additional information” box on the checkout page, with separate URLs on separate lines.

Standard QR codes (Static and Dynamic) are made automatically and will be emailed to you within minutes. More complex QR codes such as v-business cards have to be made manually and take 1-12 hours.

The QR code images will be sent to you in 5 formats .tif, .bmp, .jpg, .pdf & .eps formats.

Please note, these are not a substitute for retail barcodes – you still need EAN or UPC barcodes if you are selling your product at retail.


Quantity Price Price per barcode
1 ₹ 1050 ₹ 1050 each
2 ₹ 2000 ₹ 1000 each
5 ₹ 4500 ₹ 900 each
10 ₹ 7500 ₹ 750 each
20 ₹ 11000 ₹ 550 each

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