Our barcode packages include free barcode registration. Only purchase to register barcode numbers if you already have barcodes purchased through another company.

Barcode registration is an optional service where you can register barcodes purchased from another provider into our database. While this is not mandatory, it will help your product get better online visibility. Your barcode will work without the registration, and retailers selling your product will still register your barcodes in their own databases with the corresponding product information.

When you buy barcode registration from us, we will activate your EAN, UPC, or ISBN barcode numbers on the International Barcodes Database and make it available for registration. You can then register them with your product/company information. This means that your product will join the countless other products already registered in the International Barcodes Database and a few other major online barcode databases, and when search engines index the results your barcode number and product details will show on app scans and online searches.

Please add your barcode numbers into the “additional information” section on the checkout page. We will then send you an email requesting the proof of your barcode ownership. After verifying the ownership of an authentic EAN, UPC, or ISBN barcode number, we will proceed with the activation, and give you instructions for how to register it.

Note – The barcodes you buy from us include barcode registration. Buy this product only if you have purchased a valid barcode through another provider.


Quantity Price Price per barcode
1 ₹ 1150 ₹ 1150 each
2 ₹ 2100 ₹ 1050 each
5 ₹ 4500 ₹ 900 each
10 ₹ 7500 ₹ 750 each
20 ₹ 9000 ₹ 450 each

Register an existing Barcode Number