Buying Barcodes Vs Barcode Registration is a common question we get asked.

The utility of the barcode system is it allows product information like price, stock and description to be quickly recalled at the point of sale or other operations of a shop without the risk of two different products sharing the same number. Most retailers require all products to have high quality barcodes printed or attached to all incoming goods, as modern checkouts rely on barcodes to serve customers as quickly as possible.

Buying Barcodes

The option to buy barcodes is the simplest and quickest way to get barcodes for your products. The process is typically straightforward. You simply select the number of barcodes you need, make a payment, and receive the barcodes via email.

  • Quick and easy: Buying barcodes is a quick and easy process that can be completed in a matter of minutes.
  • No ongoing fees: Unlike registering for barcodes, there are no ongoing fees when you buy barcodes.
  • No application process: You don’t need to go through an application process when you buy barcodes.

Once you receive the barcodes via email, all you have to do it assign a barcode to each product variant by incorporating the barcode image into your product packaging design. We supply the barcode images for printing on your product. If you have already printed your product packaging, then you can add a barcode using a separate sticky label.

There is NO product information encoded in retail barcodes. Barcode numbers are purely unique numbers, effectively draBuying Barcodes Vs Barcode Registrationwn from a large international database and allocated to you

The bars of the barcode ONLY encode the number shown under the bars. Scanning the bars is just a quick way to enter the barcode number into a retailers computer system so that the product information, pricing etc., show up at the checkout.

When a retailer first receives your product, they will scan the barcode or type it into their computer system. They will also enter other product information, e.g. product name, description, retail price, supplier etc. After this, when the barcode is scanned at the checkout, the correct information will be displayed. Larger retailer chains will require you to enter all this information onto a form, which is then entered into their computer system automatically.

Barcode Registration

Barcode registration is an optional service. It is not compulsory to register your barcode and product (your barcode will work without registration) – however, it can be useful to get barcode registration because it improves the profile of your product on the internet.

If you order barcode registration from us, we will register your barcode number & product details on the major internet databases. (You need to tell us what your barcode number is). This means that your product will join the countless other products already registered in these databases. When search engines index the results, your barcode number & product details will be findable in internet searches. When smartphones scan your barcode, your product & company information will appear connected to your barcode, which means it will show up when barcode scanning apps do a google search when a barcode is scanned.

You can search for an EAN-13 or UPC barcode on various sites or apps (such as International Barcodes Database, IBNREG, or using smartphone apps). If you own a barcode number, and no results are found when you run a search, you can have your barcode registered to ensure your information is displayed when searched.