We often get asked about using a free barcode generator, and whether they can be used on products rather than buying expensive EAN-13 or UPC barcodes.

When can you use a free barcode generator to create barcodes for your products?



If you require a barcode purely for your own use, for example, within your own store, or for asset tracking, then you can ge

nerate your own barcode numbers using an online tool. There are many sites offering this, and it is very simple and easy to generate your own barcodes.

If you already have a barcode number and require the barcode images to go along with it, then too you can use a free barcode generator to generate images for your barcode numbers. However, you usually only get the images in a single format and have limited or no control over the image size, resolution, and other important parameters, and hence might not scan properly.

If you need a barcode for use on a retail product being sold in other stores, on Amazon or elsewhere on the internet, then you can’t just generate a random barcode number. Retailers require a legitimate EAN or UPC retail barcode number, which you can buy from us for a one-off cost.

We supply barcode numbers beginning with ’07’ which can be used worldwide. We don’t require membership or annual payments to lease the barcode numbers – they are yours to own for life.

For already existing barcode numbers, we also provide barcode images for a small cost. We create the barcode images in various formats and high resolution, and then email the barcode images to you.

QR code generators

Free online QR code generators do work fine assuming you have the right strategy for what data to encode, its output size and how to make them last as long as possible. Very few ‘free’ QR code generators are actually free without restrictions – please check how many scans of your QR code you are allowed, and how long the QR code will work for.

You can buy our standard and dynamic QR codes for unlimited scans and continued support.