Carton Barcodes

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  • ITF-14 barcodes (also called Shipping Container Codes (SCC-14), Carton Codes, or GTIN-14 barcodes) go on the outer shipping cartons (or delivery boxes) which contain your retail products. They are not for use on your retail products.

    Carton barcodes are created using the EAN barcode number of the product it contains. Please enter your EAN-13 barcode numbers into the “Additional information” box at checkout (or else type “N/A” if you are purchasing EAN-13 barcodes at the same time as your ITF-14 barcodes). We will use your EAN-13 barcode numbers to create your ITF-14 barcodes.


    • ITF-14 Barcode images in 4 different formats (png, jpg, pdf and svg) for convenience.
    • Immediate delivery – all files will be emailed to you as soon as the order has been made.

    PLEASE NOTE: If your carton is being sold at retail level, you should use an EAN-13 retail barcode on the carton.

    Quantity Price Price per barcode
    1 1000 ₹ 1000
    2 1920 ₹ 960
    3 1780 ₹ 890
    5 3750 ₹ 750
    10 6300 ₹ 630
    20 8400 ₹ 420
    50 10000 ₹ 200
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